Services and Programs

Here are a few of our base programs we offer

As we grow we will be adding new classes and class time.
Some of our specitalty programs do not run on a set schedule. Contact us for what classes and programs we currently have available. 
  1. Women's Brazilian Jiu-jits, kickboxing, Mauy Thai at Ronin MMA
    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    Here you will learn the basics of BJJ. You will learn the fundamentals of defense, escapes, and submissions from various positions along with counters to each of the techniques. We will also cover sweeps and take-downs. Competing in BJJ tournaments is strictly optional.
  2.  Brazilian Jiu-jits, kickboxing, Mauy Thai at Ronin MMA
    Muay Thai and Kickboxing
    This striking program offers classes for beginners and more advanced students. The beginners program teaches the basic fighting stance, punching, kicking, knee, and elbow strikes. The intermediate class incorporates sparring, advance pad work, clinches, and counter techniques. Strength and conditioning are also an integral part of Muay Thai and kickboxing training.
  3.  Brazilian Jiu-jits, kickboxing, Mauy Thai, MMA at Ronin MMA
    Intro to MMA
    This class covers the fundamentals of MMA which includes basic striking skills, submission techniques, and ground strategies. In this class the student’s body will also be conditioned for fighting. This class will draw concepts from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Judo, kickboxing, Boxing, Sambo, and Wrestling.
  4. Weight lifting at Ronin MMA
    Strength and Conditioning
    This program covers TRX, core, cardio, and body weight training. Generally, these are offered under the personal training category but it can also be offered in a small group setting.
  5. Women's Self-defense and Kickboxing at Ronin MMA
    Women's Self Defense
    Our classes cover basic techniques for real life situations. We take some of the most effective techniques from Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and Sambo and combine them into one learning experience. Students will learn some basic throws, joint locks, and striking methods to subdue an opponent or attacker.
  6. Kids Brazilian Jiu-jits and kickboxing at Ronin MMA
    Youth MMA
    This program covers the fundamentals of ground work and striking. We focus on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing. Ages 6 and up are welcome. We are here to have fun and learn, but at the same time they will learn discipline and how defend themselves. Family plans are available.
  7. BeastFit MMA and Boxing fitness class
    Unleash the beast with our BeastFit training. This hybrid way of training is a cross between traditional style Boot Camp and CrossFit classes with an MMA/Boxing twist. These are coed group classes. But they can be made available for individual or private group training.

Online scheduling is available. 

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Please feel free to contact us if you want to schedule a paid session outside of our online availability. 
Any cancelation made with less than a 24 hour notice will be refunded 50% of the paid amount. The fee is 100% non-refundable if the client is a no-show. If you are running late you must contact the hired instructor directly. 
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